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We are looking for Manufacturer contacts from your country for following products categories:
- Small electric appliances (coffee maker, toaster, water kettle, grill etc.
- Electrical floor cleaning products (vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner)
- Beauty & Wellness Products (massagers, hair care products , scales etc.)
- Cookware (non electric casseroles, pans, roaster etc.)
- LED & Light consumer end Products for household use (no components only!)
- Non Electric Kitchenware (plastic, metal, porcelain, ceramic, wood) = food storage containers, salt & pepper mill, cutting board, dicer, knives etc.
- General Household Products (all to be used in household except kitchen e.g. storage solutions, hangers, organizers etc.)
- Sport & Fitness products for home use
- Non electric cleaning products (Microfibre, Mop, broom etc.)
- Home textiles with health functionality (e.g. cushion for better sleep)

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